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Orbit is my favorite. You can use it as a car seat and a stroller so you never have to take the baby out. Then when the baby gets bigger you can put a toddler seat in. It's also eco-friendly.

Jessica Alba, model/actress and mother of Honor, FitPregnancy.com

The Orbit Stroller. It's the best thing since sliced bread, because it's so functional. It turns 360˚, it's portable, and as a car seat it's very secure in the car.

Tori Spelling, actress and mother of two, when asked by People.com to list her infant and child essentials.
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February 2010 Featured MetroMom

MetroMom Sherri Morris
Meet Digi Time Capsule founder and mom of 3, Sherri Morris. Sherri is her kid’s baseball coach, web mom for the football team, car pool mom, wife, teacher, errand runner, chauffeur, business owner, amazing friend, pretty awesome daughter and an all around exhausted woman!

MM - How many children do you have (and ages)?

I have 3 little ones, 2 boys and a princess ages 9, 7 and 2.  

MM - How did you decide to make Digi Time Capsules?

It all started when I moved from home, which is Chicago to Florida and was pregnant with my little princess. I was a realtor in Chicago and my license was not reciprocal in Florida. I would have to get re-licensed at the beginning of the real estate decline. So, right after my princess was born, I started creating “Time Capsules” for the kids school year to get rid of all of the paper that was everywhere and digitally consolidate the pictures, drawings and report cards. Some friends saw them and wanted me to make them for their children. This is how the idea was born.

MM - In hindsight, did you have realistic expectations as to the amount of time and work needed to create, manufacture and promote Digi Time Capsules?

OMG No! I had absolutely no idea what I was headed for! I thought I would go slow and take it at a nice pace, but that is not the reality of starting a business at all.

MM - Did you have any unexpected challenges?

Every challenge has been unexpected. You have to either roll with it, or it will stress you out. I would say I am pretty lucky to have a laid back attitude otherwise I don’t know that I could have handled 3 kids and starting a company.

MM - You have had to take a break on bed rest lately how has that affected your work?

Thank God Laptops lay where you lay - haha! It definitely slowed me down, but it didn’t stop me. I had my mom here to help with my children and my husband who made sure all of the orders were filled and taken to the post office everyday! I have an amazing support behind me.

MM - You have a lot going on with 3 kids and their activities, How do you balance work and Motherhood?

At first it was a huge adjustment and I totally admit that I did not give my kids the attention they deserved. Yes I was always here for them, answered their questions and tucked them in. But being a mom is way more than just meeting their needs. So I took a look at my life and decided that when they get home from school, my work stops until they are in bed. This gives me the time to play, do homework and really engage myself in their lives. I also do not do any work on weekends that is not mandatory. I took on coaching their baseball team as a way to get on their level and it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I plan a date with each of them by themselves to give them the one-on-one they need. My little girl is in pre-school 2 days a week and I make the most of that free time. When she goes down for her naps, I am 100% work. My day is scattered, but everyone and everything gets the attention it deserves. Yes I would love more sleep but I can compare running a start-up business like caring for a newborn, you are sleep deprived but it doesn’t last forever! Too bad my company has colic right now! Haha. And thank God I have a huge sense of humor! Laughter is the best medicine!

MM - What do your kids think of you being an entrepreneur?

I don’t know that they fully grasp or understand the term “entrepreneur or mommy started her own company”, but they love that I have made these products and they tell people about them all the time. They are proud of their mom and that is sooo cool! I love it! They each have one of my products and they keep them on their own little shelves. They are awesome kids!

MM - Do you have a parenting motto that you would like to share?

Out of everything I do with and for my children, there is one constant message…You Are a Winner, You Can Do It and You Are Good Enough. If the only thing I ever give my children is self-confidence and the inert ability to stay true to who they are, then I will have done the best job I can do as a mother. For with self-confidence, I believe they can achieve anything they put their minds to, get past what others say about them and achieve their dreams. They will never remember the toys I bought or the God Awful dinners I have made, but I do believe they will always remember my words were of encouragement, my discipline was out of love and my laughter turned their frowns upside down! I know my children are still small and taking the Wii away for a week is as bad as it gets, but I hope that as they turn into teenagers and the hard part of parenting starts that I have laid a good foundation for them.

MM - Is there one bit of advice that has served you best and can you share?

You can only control what you do… You cannot control what others do. This little bit of advice is something I say often to myself and to my kids. It’s a way to deflect the stress that others bring into our lives. You just can’t control what other’s do and if they learn that early on, it makes accepting things that are out of their control that much easier to deal with!

February 2010 MetroMom Sherri Morris


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