October 2010 MetroMom Robyn Pellei


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October 2010 Featured MetroMom

MetroMom Robyn Pellei
Robyn Pellei, wife, mother of 9 children under the age of 10, home school teacher, CEO of ViveVita– and oh yeah, invents products to make life easier for other moms, tells us how she balances it all and still finds time to cheer on others.

MM - Before Kids, you were an emergency room nurse and earned your masters degree as a family nurse practitioner. How did you come to invent products?

The product invention process started as I was trying to make my life with little ones a little easier. I couldn’t find the specific solutions in any products that I found, so I made my own at home. My home made solutions worked so well for me and got so many comments from others that I couldn’t help but share them with other families. Now, lots of that knowledge and experience that I gained in my PK (pre-kids) life goes into the development of my products.  

MM - So you invent products that you know moms need. You run your company. You have 9 children AND you home school them. How do you find the time to do all that? Really?

One of the best things that being an ER nurse taught me is multitasking, prioritization (triage!), and not to sweat the small stuff. I tend to employ all kinds of techniques to get everything done and I use time and coffee to the fullest extent that I can muster. I get help when I need it most and I do a lot in the evenings. Realistically – it is a very, very busy time for me right now and I am not doing everything as perfectly as I would like to. However, I know that this is a ‘season’ and I am doing my best. My 6 y/o daughter said something to me the other day that made me realize that she has no idea that I am working so much. That totally made me feel like I am being successful – my family does not feel neglected…I am there for them and with them. That truely is the ultimate goal for me as a Mompreneur and I love that I have this wonderful opportunity!

MM - Do you ever take some time for yourself, and what kinds of things do you/would you enjoy doing when you have that “me” time?

Time for myself sometimes happens by default and sometimes it is planned. My friends and family are very important to me, so I keep up with them through phone calls, lunch dates, facebook and Skype. I consider the evenings to be my time and I make sure that the kids are in bed fairly early. I share that time with my husband and it is special for both of us. And…just a few weeks ago, I went on a much needed second honeymoon with my husband to Panama. I keep reminding myself that not too long ago…I was on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean!

MM - If you could impart one life lesson on your children, to help guide them in their lives, what would it be?

I would like for them ‘to be all that they were created to be’. To live their fullest potential and enjoy the life that they have.

MM - Do you have a parenting motto?

I am all about being true to ourselves as parents. Getting advise and learning from others can always help us grow, but we are never really comfortable as parents until we allow ourselves to be who we are and parent from those strengths (while working on the weaknesses!).




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