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  Teaching Kids How To Read  

It�s the most wonderful time of the year to help teach your child to read! As holiday cheer makes its appearance, your child is sure to notice the attention-grabbing decorations. The lights, trees, wreaths, candles, and holiday spirit offer great material to familiarize your child with words that he/she may see in a holiday early-reader book.

With some outstanding holiday early-reader books available, as well as year-round early reader sets, your child could have a few books tackled before January! Whether you focus on holiday books or an early reader set, we�d like to offer a few tips and a few holiday early-reader books that we think will show both you and your little reader great success this holiday season!

Have Patience: Learning to read can be a slow process. Be ready to sit a while, listen, and teach your child as he/she works to get through a page. Plan to have �reading time� at a time in the day when you are not rushed or have a time-constraint. If time is limited, set a 30-minute window and give your full attention to your child as he/she learns to read.

Be Positive: Children need encouragement when trying to learn how to read. When they are not catching on quickly they can regress and become frustrated. Your attitude is just as important as the words on the page. Be encouraging by offering responses such as, �good try!�, �that�s a hard one!�, �let�s try that again!�. There are many ways to encourage your child yet a single sign of frustration could slow the process even more.

Take a Field Trip: Learning to read does not have to be limited to the same location every time! Take your child to a bookstore with a vibrant children�s book selection and go to the phonics section. You can even ask on the way to the bookstore what her favorite animals are or favorite colors. Spell her answers back to her �d-o-g� and then show her at the store what �d-o-g� looks like.

Let Your Child Choose The Book: Allowing your child to pick out the set that most interests him gives him ownership over this part of the process and instills excitement in learning to read. As with any age, the more interested a person is in a subject, the more he will want to learn!

It may be helpful to note when choosing beginner level books, the different early-reader sets vary on age and reading development level. There are several different phonics sets available with different popular characters with age-appropriate content for early and beginning reading. �Early Reader� is a set brand that is wonderful for Kinder and 1st grade readers. Hooked on Phonics programs, Early Readers and Scholastic Reader sets are all very successful options for teaching your child to read.

Holiday-Themed Early Reader Book Recommendations:

Horrid Henry�s Christmas Play by Francesca Simon

Snow Dog Marley
by John Grogan

(Little Critter Series)
Little Critter: Snowball Soup (My First I Can Read Series)
by Mercer Mayer
Little Critter: Merry Christmas, Little Critter! by Mercer Mayer
Little Critter: Just a Snowman by Mercer Mayer
Little Critter: Just So Thankful by Mercer Mayer

Helping your child to read can be one of the most important and rewarding experiences for both you and your child. Reading opens your child�s mind into a world of imagination, learning and growing! So be patient, stay positive, and always remember to have fun!

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